Sunday, October 10, 2010

Do I LOVE moving?

A friend asked me yesterday “Do you love moving?” I answered “Nobody loves moving… But I have gotten really good at it!”

I sit now amidst boxes half packed, pillows, clothes, toys strewn about. My semi-tidy house now in a state of chaos. Moving is a highly sentimental time for me. I know I only have very few moments left HERE and NOW. The equation will change again… a different here and now. Soon.

But I know it’s just a place… I know it’s just stuff. But how do I define how deeply I feel that apathy?

I’m passionate about being transient. I believe in refinement, in transcendental growth. I believe that everyone can benefit from having the rug pulled out from under them, packed up and moved somewhere else. Better yet, toss the rug! Less is more!

I’ve heard lots of theories about our lifestyle. Some say we are discontent and that is why we move. Some say our nomadic ways are traumatizing our kids. Others suggest that great joy and happiness can be found in finding a home, a community, a place to STAY.

First of all, maybe we are discontent. I will openly admit I am discontent with the “American Dream.” It’s a farce created by the devil himself. Climb the corporate ladder! Build wealth! Security! Get the best education, degrees! Retirement! Timeshares, vacation homes, boats, cars!

What a disgusting display of idolatry! And who is the idol? ME. Which, coincidentally is not I AM, the Creator of the World, the Savior of our sins, the ultimate Judge, the Alpha and the Omega, Jehovah himself.What an incredibly ludicrous thing to do…

So, yeah I’m discontent with this culture. We are the lukewarm church the book of Revelation condemns. Sitting on the truth, the amazing saving grace of our God… so that we can be “happy.”

I’m discontent to go with status quo. Screw politics, it’s a worldly distraction. Screw environmentalism, God is in control! Screw obtaining the perfect health and diet, it’s a blatant distraction of power and control – which we don’t have!

And our churches… so afraid of offending people they’ve left God hidden behind an eye-pleasing curtain. Our churches… so ready to pander, so ready to relieve guilt – please, only do as much as you are really comfortable with. Ugh!

We need a revival! And I am worse than Moses…